The News App of Choice for Parents

With smartphones placing such an instrumental part in our every day lives, smartNews App is the ideal solution for your school or nursery to keep parents informed of all general and key information, news and events. It also empowers your school with the capability to send unlimited important instant notifications and reminders in an instant for free.

Developed hand in hand with primary schools, and taking the needs and wants of teachers and parents into account, smartNews App is both easy to administer and navigate, and negates the need to depend on outdated, less effective and costly alternatives, such as paper, text alerts and emails (see brochure and case study).


The Smart Way to Keep Informed

smartNews App provides parents with the choice of the content that they receive from primary and secondary schools, information that is relevant to their children's classes and any events and extracurricular activities such as parents evenings, sports days, sports clubs, etc.

It also allows schools to provide parents with general school news and events as a default setting within the app, along with the fantastic standard smartNews feature of free instant notificatiions!

The diary system within smartNews App is another key feature that allows parents to quickly access and view all events and details within the app calendar, and also gives users the option to save the event to their own phone's calendar with the click of a button.


Secure & Robust Service

smartNews App complies with Governmental regulations, and all content and data are hosted in fully secure and resilient servers within one of the UK’s leading Data Centres, ensuring optimum quality of service, reliabilty and security.


Management Dashboard

Schools can manage their smartNews App through a secure cloud admin dashboard from work or home from their computer or digital device of choice. They can then add users with various rights to add content, along with the setting up user groups (i.e. departmental, staff, other….) with ease. Content can either be set to go live instantly, or time-lined to appear and end on chosen dates/times as required. You can also sent an unlimited number of free alerts to targeted subscribers in an instant.


Key Features & Benefits

Efficient Method of Communication

App saves money on costly text service and printed materials, as well as the staff cost, and time implications associated with communications by phone

Ease of Management & Use

Very simple to administer through the secure web dashboard and intuitive for parents to use

News & Events

Keeping parents informed of all news, events, dates etc, in real time and time scheduled

Instant Notifications

Keeping parents informed of school closures, issues, reminders, etc. in an instant for free

App School Branding

App is branded with your School or nursery’s logo


App content can be provided in several languages to meet the diversity in your area

School Contact List

Contact list of staff and other relevant details can be included at no cost

Schools Documents & Policies

Access to documents for parents, carers, and staff

Absence Notifications

Instant notification of your child’s no show

Affordable to School

Low monthly costs and no fixed long-term contract

Free App for Parents

Free for parents to download for their iPhone or Android phone

Parents Specified Information

Parents can choose the areas of the school that they want to be kept informed of, i.e. children’s classes, specific years, sports clubs, parent/teachers forums etc.

Positive Message

Demonstrates that your school or nursery understand what parents require and is investing in the latest technology to meet their needs


Provides you with data on how many users have the app and what the topics most of interest are to them

Calendar Integration with your Smart-device

Relevant dates will automatically sync’d with phones calendar, and reminders can be set

Technical Support

Your school will have access to our smartnews app support centre

Software Assurance

Ensuring your school app is continually evolving to meet future demands

What Does It Cost?

All the benefits and cost savings that smartNews App can bring to your nursery or school can be provided for an annual license fee starting from £500.

This investment, which you can expect a return on within a matter of weeks, will provide your school with an intuitive and flexible solution that will continually evolve in step with your school's needs, providing the added peace of minded that your investment in smartNews App will keep you in good stead both today and in the future.


Want To Find Out More?

Contact Your smartNews App Specialist - For more information on smartNews App or to arrange for a product demo or trial please complete the form below or call our specialist team who will be delighted to help on 0800 612 0935.