What is Mobile Appointment Manager?

The Mobile Appointment Manager app enables patients to check-in for their appointment and be called for their appointment from anywhere around the hospital. Improve social distancing, infection prevention / control measures and the patient experience with mobile check-in from Intouch with Health.

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Mobile Patient Check-in and Calling

The Intouch Mobile Appointment Manager app has been designed to provide hospital patients with more convenience when managing their appointments, including the ability to check in for a pre-booked appointment, and to be called to a specific clinic without entering the hospital, therefore improving social distancing measures.

For those patients who are already familiar with the self check-in process using kiosks, the process will be very similar to what they have previously experienced. For those patients who have not used check-in kiosks, the interface has been designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.

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Mobile Check-in and Patient Calling

The Intouch Mobile Appointment Manager app enables patients to arrive themselves and be called to appointments from anywhere around the hospital. Patients are able to check-in when they are in close proximity to the hospital (such as the car park or an external waiting area) and avoid congested indoor waiting / reception areas, other patients and face-to-face contact with staff where possible. When staff are ready, patients can be called forward through the Mobile app.

Patients can download the app for their smartphone from the App Store or Google Play to arrive themselves for their appointments in complete confidentiality.

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Key Features and Benefits

Key features of mobile check-in

  • Enable patients to check-in for their pre-booked appointments remotely (in close proximity to the hospital) and view appointment details - improving infection prevention and control measures
  • Call patients for their appointments from anywhere around the hospital - enabling patients to wait in their car / an outside area for their appointment and avoid internal waiting areas
  • Patients can use the service on 3G / 4G or WiFi networks

Key benefits of mobile check-in

  • Reduce the duration of time patients are inside hospital buildings
  • Reduce unnecessary contact between patients / patients and staff
  • Reduce patient numbers in waiting rooms
  • Provide patients with greater convenience surrounding their appointment
  • Increase confidentiality - patients checking-in for their appointment through the
    app offers patients a more confidential approach to hospital check-in than going to reception
  • Release staff time by reducing unnecessary administrative tasks

Supporting Social Distancing Measures

Mobile check-in allows visiting outpatients to check in for a scheduled appointment using an app on their smartphone or tablet when they arrive as part of an initiative of measures to support infection control practices in hospitals aimed at reducing the spread of Covid-19.

“Mobile check-in will help us safely manage the flow of patients in the department at any one time, and that by checking in using this method, it supported social-distancing practices.”

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