How it Works

Flow Manager is the central, digital dashboard that controls each solution in the Intouch Platform, enabling hospital staff to efficiently manage each stage of the patient journey from a single location, providing staff with oversight of the patient journey in real-time, from one central digital dashboard, supporting coordinated and efficient patient flow. Flow Manager is deployed across 70 NHS Trusts, processing over 55 million NHS outpatients appointments annually.

Staff can view the status of each patient, including if the patient has:

- arrived and checked in

- if they are running late

- if they have been called to be seen

- if the appointment has started

Intouch flow 3

The Patient Journey

When a patient checks in their status is instantly updated. Icons including ‘visually impaired patient’ or ‘interpreter required’ are displayed to alert staff and help deliver a better patient experience.

The entire patient journey can be planned, managed and updated through the dashboard, providing one single version of the truth for all staff. Full PAS / EPR integration enhances care coordination across departments and helps to eliminate or reduce unnecessary processes, realising significant operational efficiencies and further improving the patient experience.

Flow 2

Key Benefits

  • A single digital dashboard for staff to manage every stage of the patient journey.
  • Real-time visibility of patient’s location throughout their Outpatient journey.
  • At-a-glance, all staff can see which patients have arrived, which are late and who they are still expecting.
  • Capacity Management feature supports social distancing / infection prevention and control measures.
  • Manage a blended patient flow - efficiently manage patients physically attending hospital alongside virtual / remote patients in one dashboard (when deployed with virtual clinics).
  • Integration with hospital PAS / EPR - improving the flow of information and communication.
  • ‘Alert’ icons to help staff and improve the patient experience.
  • Multiple user profiles for staff based on access levels and job functions, providing a fully auditable environment.
  • Reduces or eliminate processes including the use of paper, finding someone to pass a message to etc., realising significant operational efficiencies.

Flow Manager is deployed in over 150 hospitals globally including over 70 NHS Trusts,
processing approximately 56% of all NHS Outpatient attendances.

The Next Step

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