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Introducing Paxton10; combining next generation access control and video management on one user-friendly, online interface means you can manage every aspect of the security of your site(s) with ease.

Kingdom Technology has the expertise and know-how to deliver a call leading Paxton10 solution to meet your organisation's specific needs irrespective of your size or sector.

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Why do I need it?

Access control and IP cameras regularly co-exist in the same buildings yet are rarely integrated due to the complexity. Paxton10 combines both technologies to remove the complexity and deliver the benefits of an integrated solution.

Access control offers a secure, convenient, flexible and cost-effective way of controlling who has access to your building and when that access is allowed.

Video management provides surveillance of your site, increasing the security of your building without complicated integrations.

Combining these two solutions into a single, user-friendly system makes managing the security of your site much simpler. The range of free Paxton apps are also available to help you access your security system from a smartphone or tablet.

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How does it work?

Once access control and video management has been installed you can manage who has access to your building and when, from the same software that provides video footage of what happens on site.

All doors on the system will lock automatically and will only open when an authorised access token is presented. Should a forced entry attempt be made, the surveillance cameras will capture the event and alert the system administrator.

Please note: a Paxton10 system requires the use of a Paxton10 Server.

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Why choose Paxton10?

Paxton10 provides next generation access control and video management on a single platform. Paxton10 cameras, smart credentials* and feature rich software create Paxton’s most powerful system.

The combined solution on a unified platform is undeniably useful. Paxton10 allows you to see events and video footage in one place, simplifying site management and security.

With all the benefits of complicated integrated security systems, Paxton10 makes it easy to build a complete solution. With access, video and integrated building management from one user-friendly, online interface. Paxton10 futureproofs your site’s security with ultimate simplicity built in.

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The System

Paxton10’s modular, one door controller architecture provides a cost-effective solution that supports camera and door management from a single controller. One server can support up to 1000 doors across multiple sites. One controller is required for each door on the system. One to four third party IP cameras can be controlled from a single video controller.

The Paxton10 cameras, server and controllers require zero configuration, making installation perfectly simple.

The web user interface and free Paxton Connect app offer remote access to the Paxton10 system from anywhere in the world.

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Paxton10 integrates with most leading fire and intruder alarms to simplify building management. It is easy to control and monitor the state of alarms within the Paxton10 user interface. A dedicated Paxton10 alarm connector can be installed and neatly fitted into the connector housing, or into the housing of your fire or intruder alarm.

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Why integrate Paxton10 with your alarm system?

  • Simplify arming and disarming of intruders alarms in different areas
  • Reduce risk of accidental alarm activation
  • Automatically release all doors in the event of a fire
  • Improved control for larger sites
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Online access control & video management software

Paxton10 web-based user interface

The next generation Paxton10 software supports remote access from anywhere, at any time, from any device. It is intuitive, simple to use and easy to learn.

Paxton10 software is free of charge, with zero license fees, making it a cost-effective solution ideal for a range of sites. Offering access control and video management features for advanced surveillance and flexible management of access and people movement around your site.

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Apps for Paxton-10

Paxton Connect

Paxton Connect for Paxton10 makes remote site management even more simple and flexible from any location.

The updated version features a brand-new design, easy site search functionality, and improved biometric login.

Download free now from the App Store or Google Play.

Paxton Connect

Paxton Key

The Paxton Key app allows system users to make use of their smartphone or smartwatch in place of electronic tokens or traditional keys with a Paxton10 system. These are called smart credentials and are completely free with Paxton10. This Bluetooth® access control solution makes access management simple and convenient.

Now available for iOS and Android phones, as well as Apple Watches and wear OS.

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Paxton10 Tutorial

Paxton has created an extensive video resource to help you get the most out of your Paxton10 system. There are a number of videos available, including:

  • Paxton10 system overview
  • Software introduction
  • System administration and management
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Paxton-10 Pricing

Please see the latest Paxton10 brochure for a list of all products (with all product list pricing available here) , and we will be delighted to provide you with competitive pricing for your total fully integrated security solution, including all cabling, infrastructure and support requirements.


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