Introducing Kingdom's smartPHIS Patient Health Information System

Kingdom's Patient Health Information System 'smartPHIS' was developed in collaboration with Health Boards in Scotland to provide health professionals with a 'smart' solution for the creation and publishing of key health related leaflets and documentation for patients and staff.

smartPHIS is more than just a leaflets creation and publishing service, and has been realising demonstrable efficiencies and cost savings to the health sector since it was launched in 2014.


What Does It Deliver?

smartPHIS is a secure cloud-based 'digital' document creation and 'library' service that empowers Information Governance teams to 'digitally' create, publish and manage the distribution of clinical leaflets and other key information with ease for access by patients and staff via their websites of choice, interactive kiosks, and smartphones. Quality leaflets and documents can also be provided to patients if they prefer a printed physical copy.

The secure digital admin dashboard is accessed by staff provided with access rights, where they will find a wealth of features and facilities that not only make the creation of documents intuitive and quick to produce, but also with the 'smartFlow' feature it ensures that every creation is subjected to the automated management approval process prior to posting to the chosen website(s), Intranet, information kiosks, or printing service.

smartFlow also provides a revision versioning facility to ensure that all leaflets and documents are always relevant and never out of date. And with leaflets typically out of date as soon as they are printed, the cost savings on a reduced need to print leaflets makes investing in smartPHIS a simple decision.

smartPHIS is not only the smart way to create all documents; it is also the smart way to securely store and manage all documents, including versioning, with ease through the admin dashboard.


Patient Survey & Questionnaire

smartPHIS also has a content managed feedback builder facility to allow NHS Health Boards and Trusts to create and post patient surveys and questionnaires, with the results for each posting securely saved for access and reporting from the smartPHIS admin dashboard.

This can include video feedback from patents smartphones, or interactive screens (such as touchscreen kiosks), with all captured data securely stored and with full reporting capabilities available.

This powerful feature can also be tailored to meet your organisations unique requirements, such as the addition of specialised functional, integration and reporting capabilities.


Key Features & Benefits

Secure Portal with CMS Dashboard

Various access and user rolls & rights for management and staff

Document creation, management approval flow and posting process

Document versioning flow with automated expiry reminders and alerts

Document posting feature for posting to any web or interactive device, such as interactive screens

Leaflets and document printing feature (always relevant, never out of date)

Secure storage and catalogue facility for all documents

uto Archiving of all document and leaflet versions for NHS compliance with FOI

Superb reporting Functionality and capabilities

Patient Feedback & Questionnaire function, with Full Reporting Capabilities

Secure service that adheres to all NHS regulations

Comprehensive 24/7 365 Support service


Want To Find Out More?

To find out more about how smartPHIS can make a difference to your Health Board or Health Trust please complete the form below or call to speak with a member of our product specialist team on 0800 612 0935.