Introducing Intelligent i-Wayfinding

We are delighted to introduce Intelligent Wayfinding by Purple Intelligent Spaces.

i-Wayfinding is a transformational digital wayfinding solution that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of Health Trusts and Boards, as well as organisations operating large or multiple sites. i-Wayfinding is a unique wayfinding solution that helps to deliver a higher quality of service by helping patients and visitors navigate their way easily and efficiently around sites without the need to locate and ask staff.

Putting the 'customer' and their experience first, i-Wayfinding is a simple and intuitive digital service that provides patients, visitors, and staff with clear, easy-to-follow directions from strategically located Interactive kiosks and screens, as well as from your customers' smartphones, taking the stress and worry away from navigation unfamiliar environment, giving the peace of mind to that all will reach their destination on time, stress-free and via the most efficient route taking all of your patients health and physical needs into account.

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Why Invest In i-Wayfinding?

Our customers can choose to integrate i-Wayfinding with their interactive hospital check-in kiosks presenting a digital map to patients after they have completed their check-in or use standalone interactive information kiosks located at key locations to display digital maps.

And for Hospitals that have invested in an Intelligent WiFi solution, patients can access an interactive wayfinding map from their smartphones that will lead them to their destination with no fuss. This is particularly beneficial for improving the patient experience and providing clear directions in large hospitals or outpatient clinics.

Wayfinding also significantly reduces time spent by hospital staff repeating directions to patients on a frequent basis, allowing for more value-added tasks to be completed.

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How Does i-Wayfinding Work?

The first step in creating your own i-Wayfinding experience is to produce high-quality maps of your buildings layout and to transform floor plans into visually pleasing digital maps.

These exceptional maps can be displayed online, on information kiosks/screens, and can also be accessed on your mobile phone for an enhanced navigation experience for your visitors.

i-Wayfinding utilises hybrid technology including BLE beacons, WiFi access points and geomagnetic positioning to accurately track a visitor’s location indoors via a ‘blue dot’.

By utilizing the built-in magnetometer and other smartphone sensors, we can use the magnetic field inside buildings to pinpoint and track visitors within 3 – 5 feet.

This hybrid technology approach results in the requirement of less hardware, thereby reducing the initial and ongoing costs, making i-Wayfinding a very cost-effective, reliable and sustainable proposition for all organistations that are looking to benefit from a wayfinding solution.

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and intuitive interactive digital maps available to patients and visitors.
  • Choice of i-Wayfinding interactive kiosks & screens available for directing people in large hospitals.
  • Wayfinding maps are also available on patients smartphones via a QR code or the Hospital’s Intelligent WiFi solution.
  • Unique smartphone feature means that visitors can be steered turn by turn to their destination.
  • Helps patients and visitors get to where they need to be safely, and on time.
  • Supports efficient handling of multiple appointments as patients find their way efficiently.
  • Reduces time spent by staff relaying verbal directions to patients.
  • Supports lowering patient anxiety and increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Greatly assists patients to navigate their way to the correct clinic / waiting room on-time.
  • Utilises exisiting WiFi hardware for a cost effective solution
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Want To Find Out More?

For more information on how you can benefit from a tailored i-Wayfinding solution to meet your own unique needs complete the form below or call our specialist team who will be delighted to help on 0800 612 0935.