The Experience Booking System for Visitor Attractions

Introducing i-Experience by Kingdom Technology, the premium events and tours booking system created especially for Distilleries Visitor Attraction Centers.

i-Experience was created hand in hand with one of our multi-award winning Whisky Distillery customers to plug a gap in the market for a 'multi-channel' cloud-based tours and events booking system, that was not met by other leading booking system suppliers offerings. With all the relevant functionality that your business requires and will truly benefit from, i-Experience ticks all the boxes for a visitors attractions events and tours booking system and is proven to be a fantastic and invaluable investment for businesses with visitor attraction centers, delivering demonstrable cost savings and efficiencies to for a minimal outlay.

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The Flexiblee Booking System Of Choice

i-Experience is a feature rich and flexible solution that not only meets the specific needs and wants of Whisky Distilleries, but can be tailored with ease to meet the needs of any Visitor Attraction Center irrespective of sector, providing the functionality, flexibility and ease of use that our customers demand from their investment, both from staff and visitors perspectives.

With i-Experience you no longer need to ‘shoe horn’ your events and tours bookings processes to fit into systems that have been designed for multiple industries and sectors, and pay through the nose for functionality that you will never need or use!

What you get from i-Experience is a secure hosted, flexible and robust cloud-based booking system developed solely for Visitor Attractions, that can be tailored to meet your business's unique needs, while also delivering a quality service to enhance your business and all at a price that is affordable and sustainable.

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Integration, VFM & Future Proof

Value for money, cost of ownership and future proofing are always high on the remit when developing any Kingdom Technology solution, and this is no different for our class leading i-Experience solution.

Another plus is that our in-house team of integration specialists can fully integrate i-Experience with other key business systems, such as your eCommerce website and digital point of sale system.


Key Features and Benefits

Manage every experience - online or in-person, use the one system to manage every experience, from bookings to post-event feedback.

24/7 i-Experience support – every customer can rely on our 24/7 ‘multi-channel’ i-Experience support

More than a booking system – i-Experience can help you to capture invaluable data, generate more bookings, and promote your business

Multi-channel Solution – manage bookings transactions from your website/ecommerce site, POS, phones, and ‘walk-ins’ from your fully integrated solution

Digital Dashboard – Informative live dashboard lets staff and management know how the business is performing in real time

Feature rich, secure and ease to administer – Staff are provided with various levels of admin rights to the secure admin dashboard, where they can intuitively navigate, administer and manage their feature rich booking system designed from the ground up for their sector.

Branded Solution – Your i-Experience booking system will be styled and branded to meet your own unique needs and to adhere to corporate brand guidelines

Secure Hosting - i-Experience is securely hosted in the most reliable and powerful UK based hosting environment with a guaranteed 99.99% plus reliability and optimum performance.


Want To Find Out More?

Contact Your i-Experience Specialist - For more information or a demonstration or trial, please complete the form below, or call our specialist team who will be delighted to help on 0800 612 0935.