Track and Locate your Assets in Real Time

As a Purple Intelligent Spaces authorised reseller, we are delighted to introduce Purple's latest value add solution for the health sector, Purple Asset Tracking.

Purple Asset Tracking helps to improve the patient and visitor experience, prevents the misplacement of assets, equipment and people along with enhancing your staff efficiency.

Reported sector statistics include and estimated Nurse 40-hours per month lost to searching for assets, or 1 hour per shift); 90% increase in cost per hospital bed in recent years to combat the loss or theft of assets; and £250million wasted in UK hospitals per year from loss of assets and equipment.


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How Asset Tracking Works?

Purple’s asset tracking solution enables healthcare facility staff to quickly and efficiently locate assets. With an accuracy of 3-10 feet, the asset tracking software allows healthcare providers to set specific geozones and corresponding alerts to ensure that if items leave a designated location or room then the correct people are notified, as well as being able to follow assets on the Purple Maps platform in real time. Purple Asset Tracking is hardware agnostic and will work with a large variety of asset tags.

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Real Time GEO Fence Alerts

Utilize geofencing to alert staff immediately should an asset leave or enter a specific area. With fully customizable geofencing, staff can choose to be notified as soon as an asset or drug trolley leaves an area and arrives at another location, to ensure that it is not misplaced and to help prevent potential theft.

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Locate Assets in Real Time

With Purple Asset Tracking, you can locate assets in real time on the facility map, using either the search function or map view. Purple’s asset tracking is hardware agnostic and can be used to track objects, electronic devices and people.

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Navigate to your Assets

Use Purple’s highly accurate wayfinding software to navigate to your asset with turn-by-turn directions and blue dot around the healthcare facility to ensure the asset is located as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Increases Staff Efficiencies

Currently 16% of healthcare facility searches for assets end in missing equipment. Asset tracking allows staff to focus on immediate care rather than wasting up to an hour a day searching for equipment. With the immediate location of assets in real-time, staff efficiency is increased and care quality is enhanced.

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For More Information on Asset Tracking

Please complete the form below or call our specialist team on 0800 612 0935 who will be delighted to provide more information on Purple's Asset Tracking or to arrange a product demonstration.